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My Position on the LPEA/Tri-State Contract

In the next few months we have a chance to make some changes with Tri-State and we need to get this right. We must strike a smart balance between keeping our rates low and moving forward toward a greener future with more local control.

The current Tri-State contract restricts us to higher rates for electricity that is generated from fossil fuels.  We must do better for both our climate and our economy.  We can reduce rates while developing local renewable energy projects that keep our air clean.

One thing Tri-State has done well is deliver their electricity reliably.  A key component for me is creating a blueprint for progress that includes continued low rates, local renewable sources, AND an absolute commitment to 100% reliability. This is where I promise to bring my engineering expertise to the table.  I want everyone in the community to both feel safe and to benefit from our decisions. 

I'm confident we can make solid progress towards zero-emissions, while staying affordable and reliable.

-- Ted Compton

Photo: Engineer Mountain on a clear July day - no wildfires and no pollution.  We must preserve this beauty for future generations.

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