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I love Durango!


My daughter, Ce, is the fifth generation in my family to call Southwest Colorado home.  After completing my engineering degrees at Stanford, I came home to build a career give back to the community.  Today I do that through my work on several boards and committees.  

I bike, ski, surf, paddle and generally take advantage of the mountains, rivers, and lakes all year long.  If you see me on the trail product testing the latest White Trek bike, please say, "Hi!"


La Plata Open Space Conservancy Board Member

I’m proud of the LPOSC work to protect over 30,000 acres of land.  These lands provide open space, wildlife habitat, recreational parks, working farms and ranches, and historical and archaeological resources.


Advanced Industries Grants Committee

I have served on the Advanced Industries Early-Stage Capital and Retention Grant Committee for several years.  As an advocate for local start-ups, I helped bring millions in grant funding into our community.

Securing the Advanced Industries grant was crucial to allowing us to grow.  We appreciate all the work Ted did on our behalf.  He has a lot of credibility because of his strong technical background.


Erin Neer

MuniRevs CEO &

Durango Entrepreneur of the Year

There are moments in any start-up when one person steps up.  It can mean the difference between success and failure.  Ted stepped up when we applied for the Advanced Industries grant, and the grant made a huge difference in our ability to both survive and grow.  I trust Ted Compton to be a great advocate for our community.


Travis Kimmel

Co-Founder, Git-Prime

The Advanced Industries grant helped us create six new well-paying jobs in Sales and Marketing.  Ted Compton was a credible advocate for us because he is whip smart and a great coalition builder.


Jeff & Jenny Vierling


Tailwind Nutition

We are so grateful to Ted Compton for advocating on our behalf to the Advanced Industries Grant Committee.  He gets it.  He understands the challenges of small rural manufacturers and is passionate about the outdoors. We would not be where we are today without Ted!


Brian Slaughter &

Courtney Gates,

Co- Founders Impact CBS


FastTrack Board Member

As the Vice-Chairman of the FastTrack board I have extensive oversight experience for broadband infrastructure.  FastTrack provides the fiber backbone for cellular communications and internet connectivity in the region.


Trek Mountain Bike Tester

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